Writing to the Moment

I’ve received a lot of feedback about my daily posts when we were in Italy: most of you enjoyed them, and they were fun to write.

It just shows that it’s good to try something different from time to time. Normally most of my blog posts are planned and written in advance. It’s probably the safest way of making sure I’ve something to publish each week, but it lacks the spontaneity of daily posts. There’s a greater sense of immediacy about them: what eighteenth century author Samuel Richardson termed ‘writing to the moment’. It’s not quite the same, as being there, but I hope you felt almost as if you were on holiday with us.

Having done it once, daily posts are something that I’ll try again. We’re off to Rhodes in September, and that seems the perfect opportunity.

For the moment though, I’m going to move back to twice weekly posts. This week I’ll be publishing a review of John Wyndham’s classic sci-fi novel The Midwich Cuckoos. That will appear this Friday, 30th June.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to focus on researching our family history, as I’ve slipped back on this a little. What I really need to do is sit at my desk and work through the research. The trouble is that, although there are times when this is genuinely exciting, a lot of the time family research is a time consuming and methodical slog through thousands of documents. It’s got to be done though: it’s too easy to miss one small detail that can totally derail your efforts.

I think family research makes a better winter activity than a summer one. There are two many other distractions at this time of year. But I’m not going to give up: I’ll just have to try and cultivate some more self discipline.

So it’s back to the desk for me. In the meantime, have a good week.



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  1. John M says:

    You should come with us John. We’ll be wearing Kilts and drinking irresponsibly while watching 17th Century re-enactors pretend to kill each other, (Sealed Knot an’ all that). Followed by overnight accommodation in a hedge. Hip-flasks will be mandatory and cold beans out the tin is a culinary delight.

    Last weekend in Aug if you’re up for it?

  2. jane says:

    Hi are you going back to Scampston hall for a wild camping adventure? Look forward to the Rhodes photos.

  3. John M says:

    I’m looking forward to a future post about your up-coming visit to Scampston Hall and wild camping adventure. Instead of planning your blog entry in advance you should do a Samuel Richardson style ‘writing to the moment’ about that one. It will almost feel as though I’m there with you.

    • Dave Fernley says:

      It would be exactly like you were there with me. I mentioned camping, but I’m not sure where the wild bit comes from!

      • John M says:

        Wild camping is more about location than behaviour. It means camping in the “wilds” without permission rather than having a big party in a tent. Although I’m sure there is scope for the latter as well.

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