Breakout Daily Walk Day Three

Westow Church with Cows
How about this for a quintessential English rural scene?

The weather has been a bit sullen and showery today, and not great for taking photographs. Today’s breakout was a completely new one for both of us, following a permissive bridleway from Church Farm to Westow, a village three or four miles from where we live.

It’s a secluded walk, around the edge of wheat fields. Although not completely flat, it’s quite prairie like: attractive without lots of features. The halfway point is Westow Church, which is large and solid, like many of the churches in the area.

Westow Churchyard
Westow church is about a mile away from the village. Unlike most villages in the area, Westow isn’t named in the Domesday book. This puzzled me for years, until I discovered that the original settlement was called Sudnicton in the eleventh century. I assume that the village was originally closer to the church.

Bruce enjoyed the walk, as there were plenty of new scents for him to sniff. Although we walk together every day, I guess our perceptions of the walk are different. I go for the great views, Bruce for the great scents. Given the chance, Bruce would literally be led by his nose, and go wherever the trail takes him. Even if it’s not the most appropriate place to be.

Bruce trying to go the wrong way again.
If there’s a wrong way, that’s the way Bruce wants to go. He’s staring into the wheat field opposite, because clearly that’s where all the fun is!

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