We’re not going on a summer holiday…

…like most of us this year. So, as the recent hot spell breaks down just in time for the weekend, imagine yourself in this sunny market square in Aix En Provence. It’s lunch time and you’re just about to sit down at one of the tables at the cafe. Go on, order yourself a beer or glass of wine. Sit back and watch the world go by. Order some food and relax.

Never, mind. Maybe next year…or the year after…or the one after that…

4 Responses

  1. Dave Fernley says:

    Quite right Steve, but i haven’t got any sunny pictures of Whitby.

  2. Jane Hutchinson says:

    Can’t beat whitby fish and chips.

  3. Steve Trimmins says:

    Get outa here! We all know that you’d settle for a pint and a plate of fish, chips and Yorkshire Caviar in Whitby!

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