They Shall Not Pass!

National Novel Writing Month is over for this year and, after some frantic last minute writing, I managed to limp over the fifty thousand word line for the second year in a row. It’s been a useful exercise and I got quite a few ideas to develop for this blog. I was surprised by how much I could dredge up from my memory.

Secure Online

It’s back to normal, relatively speaking, and I’m catching up on a few admin tasks. I was checking through my emails on Sunday and was amazed by how many phishing emails I found in my junk folder. Most of them were harmless, but one was an attempt to extort money from me. So I decided it was time to beef up my online security. I spent a very tedious few hours changing passwords and upgrading my antivirus software. I was surprised by how big my online ‘footprint’ is.  It’s shocking to realise how many services and sites I’ve registered with over the year,  so I took some time to deregister from some of them.

Site Changes

As well as beefing up on some security, I will be making some changes to this site over the next couple of weeks. Soon you will see a new Home page to welcome readers and a separate page for blog posts. I’ll also be adding an information page about the Spanning The Years project, and an updated biography.

Spanning The Years is turning out to be a big undertaking, and I’ve spent some time working out how much it will cost over the next five years. I’ve decided to make the project self-funding as much as possible, so I’m taking on some freelance work to pay for it. On my revamped site there will be a Freelance page advertising my services. I’ve decided to go down this route rather than trying to ‘monetize’ this blog: one of my pet peeves is sites full of advertising, and I want to keep this site as clear and user-friendly as possible.

I hope you like the changes. On Friday I’ll be publishing a review of the Vic Brown Trilogy by author Stan Barstow.



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