The Spider and the Wasp

Life and death struggle on the window ledge.

Bruce and I were coming back form our afternoon walk, when I witnessed a life and death struggle taking place on our kitchen window ledge. A small spider had spun a modest web in the corner of the window frame. An unfortunate wasp had flown into the web and was caught fast. The spider was a tenth of the wasp’s size, but it still homed in on its prey. I stood and watched for almost ten minutes while the spider repeatedly advanced and retreated towards its evening meal.

Although the wasp was caught fast, it was still able to twist round to present its sting to the advancing spider. Every time the wasp did this the spider changed the angle of its attack to try and get past the sting. I’m not sure what the outome was, but my money is on the spider. It had all the time in the world and was remarkable persistent.

I managed to take a few photographs, but I wish the quality had been better. But its amazing the dramas you can find if you look closely.

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