Spring is Sprung!

At the beginning of November, I involuntarily hunch up my shoulders and head reluctantly into winter. I hate the cold days and day nights, and if I could hibernate I would. But everything changes at the end of February. As the days lengthen and whether gets milder I begin to feel alive again. I’m just grateful to have got through another winter: this is when my year really begins.

This week’s been very busy with Ryedale Dog Rescue again. We’re still busy with the shop, and still raising money. it really is a full time job and doesn’t leave much time for anything else: I’ve barely written or read anything for two weeks.

There’s also a risk to working in a charity shop. They’re full of books and the temptation to buy some is too much to bear. I’ve been good though, I’ve managed to restrict my buying five books.  They’re a mixed bunch, including two murder mysteries, one science fiction novel, one adventure story and one ‘contemporary’ novel (don’t get excited though it was first published in 1949). That’s the good thing about charity book shops: I didn’t actually know I needed any of these books until I saw the on the shelves. In a way they found me. I’m going to read them and review them here over the next few months, so keep your eyes open for a new series of posts: ‘Books you didn’t know you wanted to read!’

Anyway, it’s back to shopkeeping for the rest of the week. This Friday I’m going to post some of my favourite photographs from the last year. They’re a random bunch I’ve taken while I’ve been out and about. I hope you enjoy them.



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