Somebody Broke My Dog…

They didn’t really, but you have to admit that lurchers have the strangest way of sleeping. Here’s Bruce ‘relaxing’ in Liz’s chair, after his morning walk and breakfast. It amazes me how such a large dog can cram himself comfortably into such a small space. 

How this can be comfortable only a lurcher would know.

Just to prove that Bruce was OK after his snooze, here he is looking alert in the garden. It looks impressive doesn’t it: highly intelligent dog protecting his home and loved ones. Not really, he’s just puzzled by the sound of our wind chimes.

A watchful Bruce guards house and humans!

Next week I’ll be back with more pictures of our garden. And there may even be news of the return of an old friend to this blog.

Have a great week everybody.

2 Responses

  1. Steve Trimmins says:

    What a great dog! My dear departed Rik often used to strike a brave pose whilst we were out on walks. Front paws on a convenient hummock, ears pricked, tail cocked, slightly narrowed eyes gazing off into the far distance. I called it his ‘Hunting Dog of the Serengeti’. He called it (I believe) ‘Where Are Those Bl**dy Rabbits’

    • Dave Fernley says:

      That’s the difference between dogs and humans. I always assume dogs have noble souls and lofty ideals. But the dog’s philosophy is that if you can’t eat it, play with it or hump it, just pee on it and walk away!

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