A New Friend

Meet our new fishing companion.

This week I’ve taken time away from my family research to spend a couple of days fishing with my sons. We’re at a pleasant and well-run fishery near Driffield for two nights.

I like night fishing because it’s not only very relaxing, but I get the chance to camp out too. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always loved camping. Maybe it’s because it brings back memories of camping holidays when I was a child.

On this trip we’ve been joined by a new friend. There are two or three cats that hang around the fishery, and this one has taken a shine to us. It’s quite wary of people, but the lure of a few food scraps has made it bolder.

The camp cat hanging on for a treat.

The cat is only one part of a menagerie of animals around the pond. We’ve been sharing the trip with ducks, geese, moorhens, chaffinches, robins and dragonflies. Sadly there have been no fish yet, but there’s still time before we go home.

But it’s great to have the opportunity just to sit still, surrounded by nature.

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