Plans and Pints

This week I’m publishing a review of a book I received as a Christmas present, Viking Fire, by Justin Hill. It’s an exciting and epic novel set in the eleventh century, and a great read.

Now that the new year’s underway, life’s settling back into a routine again. This week I started to do some planning about the family history I mentioned in last week’s editorial. As usual, this involved a lot of sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper with a mug of tea. It might not look like I’m busy, but it helps to get the thoughts flowing. I love the start of projects: I start off with lots of unconnected bits of information, that gradually form themselves into a big picture. I get a lot of my ideas when walking the dog or sitting in the pub with a quiet pint, as if I need an excuse.

I’ve also been doing some planning for this blog and I’ve chosen the subjects for the next two months worth of posts.  I’m also trying to keep a week or two ahead of myself with posts, so I’m not rushing around at the last minute. That’s quite a challenge for me, as I’ve always worked right up to the deadline with projects. Actually though it’s a relief to take some of the pressure off.

Next week it’s story time again with a tale called Jack. As with a lot of my stories, there’s a germ of truth in it, and it draws on my past.

I hope you enjoy the review, and are tempted to read Viking Fire. If you like the review, don’t forget to share it with your friends.



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