Picture of the week 30th January 2021

Along with other areas of the country, North Yorkshire has been hit by heavy rain and flooding over the past week. This picture of the River Derwent at Menethorpe shows the extent of the flooding. The trees in the middle of the ‘lake’ normally line the river bank.

The new lake at Menethorpe. Photographed at dusk.
Where’s our footpath gone?

The walk along Menethorpe Lane is one of our favourites, and Bruce the Dog likes to take a stroll along the river. Normally we go down a path the river, but this time the river has come up the path to us.

Normally we climb over this stile, but someone’s stolen our footpath!

It’s all getting a bit biblical. Floods and pestilence: what next?

3 Responses

  1. Jan Carre says:

    I like the one taken at dusk the best, it would make a good focus point on a plain wall. Our allotment is so flooded right now that we have been offered some koi carp to live there. Good excuse not to dig though.

  2. Dave says:

    In 1999 the last time it flooded that much the kids took a rowing boat out in a field. Not too close to the river though.

  3. Jane Hutchinson says:

    Love the photos, suggest you take a boat on your walks!!! Health and safety. X

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