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This Friday, 25th November, I’m publishing the first of my photographic essays: on the city of Aix en Provence in southern France.

Although I’ve been writing stories for many years, photography is a fairly recent hobby. I’ve always taken holiday ‘snaps’, but two years ago I decided to take photography more seriously, and bought my first proper DSLR camera.

I’m interested in using photographs to tell stories. When I’m out with my camera I take hundreds of photographs and then look for the one’s that hang together well as a sequence. I’ll photograph almost anything, but I’m  most interested in landscapes, places and nature.

I have to admit though I’m not a great technical photographer: I like to keep it simple, using one camera and one lens, and keeping post-processing to a minimum.  I find this a more spontaneous way of working, even if it does have its limits.

This week’s essay on Aix en Provence contains pictures from a holiday my wife and I took this June. I think the photographs I’ve chosen give a flavour of the city. I’ve tried not to make the essay read like a travelogue, but I’d be interested to know what you think.

Thank you for the interest you showed in my short story Camel which I published last week. I’ve had several comments on the blog, on social media and in person and they’ve all been encouraging.

One of the things I’ve been asked is whether there will be a Camel’s Revenge story. I hadn’t planned to do one, but I think it would be fun to write a sequel, maybe narrated from Carly/Carmen’s point of view.

I hope you’re enjoying reading this blog as much as I’m enjoying the challenge of writing it. Next week I’ll be publishing my first book review of Alan Garner’s Elidor. If you like the blog, it would be great if you’d share it with other people by using the share and email buttons at the bottom of this post.

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