Breakout Daily Walk Day Seven

Friday was the last day of our challenge to walk somewhere different each day for a week. For our final walk I decided Bruce deserved a good run, so we went to one of our favourite spots: the picnic ground at Leavening Brow.

Leavening is a village on the edge of the wolds. The ‘brow’ is half a mile from the village up a very steep road. The views from the brow are spectacular. Spread out before you are the Howardian Hills and North Yorkshire Moors. It’s the best view in the area.

Panoramic view of North Yorkshire from Leavening Brow
Panoramic view of North Yorkshire from Leavening Brow. It’s the best view in the area.

Playtime for Bruce

The picnic ground is on the site of an old quarry. It looks pretty wild and overgrown, but it’s deliberately maintained as a nature reserve, with small islands of woodland and a mass of different wild flowers and grasses. Bruce loves it because it’s the perfect place for him to go off the lead and explore. The site’s fully fenced in, so there’s no fear of Bruce running after any wildlife he spots. It’s where we go to play games and for Bruce to run around full pelt. It’s a great sight, seeing a lurcher going at top speed towards you. Fortunately Bruce has good brakes and always manages to stop before he hits me.

Bruce at full pelt at Leavening. he loves a run and you can really see the greyhound in him when he’s going full out.
Tablle Manners. Bruce on a picnic table.
Bruce’s table manners leave something to be desired. Fortunately he doesn’t try this at home.

We had a good fun completing our challenge. Walking somewhere different every day helped to break the pattern we fell into during lockdown. It also reminded me of the wonderful country side and the diversity of the landscape around us. I hope you enjoyed the posts: when autumn takes hold, I’ll complete another seven day challenge!

2 Responses

  1. Steve Trimmins says:

    I really enjoyed these posts Dave – thank you for sharing your walks with Bruce. I’m looking forward to the autumn series!

  2. Jane Hutchinson says:

    Enjoyed your walks and glad you and Bruce broke out. Being careful is important but life does go on and we need to live it the best way we can. Take care

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