Kirby Underdale

Sometimes the best experiences arise out of completely unplanned and spontaneous decisions! On Tuesday this week I had to take a trip to the Yorkshire village of Thixendale. Robert Fuller, a superb wildlife artist, has his studio there, and I went to collect a print that he’d donated as a lot in a charity auction for our local doing rescue. 

Thixendale is a short way from where I take Bruce for a run most days, so my plan was to head back that way once I’d collected the print. But I changed my mind purely on a whim. Driving out of Thixendale I saw road sign for the Village of Uncleby. I’ve never been there, so I thought I’d give it a go. The drive there was very picturesque, the road winds up and out of Thixendale, across the Yorkshire Wolds and the drops down into Uncleby. There isn’t actually a village there, it’s more a collection of farms, and I couldn’t find a parking spot.  So I carried on for a mile or so until I reached the village of Kirby Underdale. 

Beautiful Yorkshire…

I love the Yorkshire Wolds: the landscape is beautiful and it doesn’t get as crowded as the North Yorkshire Moors. I thought I’d seen the best the Wolds has to offer, but Kirby Underdale and the surrounding countryside is a real gem. How I’ve managed to miss this place, which is only thirty miles from where I’ve lived for the past twenty two years is beyond me. 

…and a Surprise

So out Bruce and I got, I slung my camera case over my shoulder, and away we went. The gallery below shows some of the best sights. I was just expecting to see some beautiful countryside and old buildings, but the churchyard held a real surprise! So, if you’re a history buff, there’s a  reminder of the dark days of the Second World War.

Gallery – Kirby Underdale

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