Italy, day seven: 14/06/17

It’s been another hot day today, quite hazy and more humid than other days we’ve had. So what better day to climb the 400 steps up to the top of the Duomo, followed by the 400 steps up to the top of the cathedral’s campanile? 

It was worth it for the views of Florence. We’ve spent all of today around the Duomo area, including a visit to the baptistery, followed by the museum Opera dell Duomo. I’m spoilt for choice for pictures today, but I’ve chosen a view of the Palazzo Vecchio from the campanile, followed by a detail from the ceiling of the Baptistry.  This was our last day in Florence: tomorrow we’re off to Bologna. 


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  1. John M says:

    Bologna you say? I’ve heard the spaghetti from there is a bit special… If you like tomatoes, onions and mince. As the one who makes the best bolognese in the North (of England), I am something of an expert in this culinary delight, although I imagine the addition of HP Sauce to the mix would be frowned upon where you are.

    Last time I was in Bologna I was catching a train to Rome… 375Km took 10.5 hours. Spent half the night parked in a siding as I recall. Of course you know this, you were there tooooo 🙂

    Crackin’ townscape you’ve caught there mate. If it were me I’d have given it a bit more headroom for the sky but ’tis a belter anyway. Shame about the tower-cranes but not much you can do about those and if you “shopped” them out, it wouldn’t be “as is”. Wise decision.

    I thought for a minute the bloke in the second picture was Cat Stevens in a sombrero, but I see now it isn’t. He could benefit from a trip to a Podiatrist, he’s got some nasty bunions there.

    Keep ’em coming mate. Lovin’ these, despite my flippancy.

    • Dave Fernley says:

      You get hung asking for spag bol in Bologna. Apparently you have it with tagliatelle, but what do they know. I remember that train well.

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