Italy, day nine: 16/06/17

Today’s pictures are of the two most famous Bolognese landmarks: the two towers in city centre. The tallest   is the Asinelli, the shorter is called the Garisenda. 

The Asinelli is still fairly straight, and you can go up it for panoramic views of the city, but the Garisenda leans over at a crazy angle. It looks barely possible that it still stands up. 

The first picture is of both towers. The second is of the Garisenda, just to prove it’s not a trick of the camera lens that makes it lean. The wires criss-crossing the photographs are for the trolley buses that run through the city. They might be a good form of transport, but the wires are a pain for photographers. 

It’s important to point out that it is the towers that lean, and not thephotographer  after too many lunchtime glasses of pignoletto, the local wine. 

2 Responses

  1. John M says:

    You can fix that in photoshop mate. Converging Verticals is a common problem with the wider angle lens.

    How was the Pignoletto?


    • Dave Fernley says:

      That’s cheating, hordes of angry tourists would sue me when they got here expecting two straight towers.

      The pignoletto was lovely: light refreshing and a twifle fwuity wodewick 🙂

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