Italy, day five: 12/06/17

Another busy day. This morning we walked up to the charming church of San Miniato al Monte. It’s situated in the hills and has great views over the city. 

This afternoon we took the bus to the hill town of Fiesole. Much quieter than Florence, it has some Roman ruins, including an amphitheatre from the first century BC. Todays photographs are of the Duomo in Florence, photographed from San Miniato, and Fiesole’s amphitheatre. 

2 Responses

  1. John M says:

    That’s a great shot of the Duomo, shame it was a hazy day. Bet you were warm after your walk in the hills…

    I’m liking the way the pictures get massive when you click on ’em. Cool new feature.

    • Dave Fernley says:

      It was redders. About 35 degrees, which isn’t good for a pale skinned lad like me. You’re right about the haze: it was so hot that everything at a distance shimmered. Glad you liked the photo though.

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