Italy, day 2: 9/6/17

It’s been a red hot scorching day in Florence, and the sights come thick and fast. There’s so much to see and do, which makes choosing pictures difficult. Today I’m posting two photographs. This morning we went to the central food market to buy tonight’s dinner. Such a riot of colour and almost too much to choose from. 

This afternoon we went to the Brancacci Chapel in the Carmelite church in Oltarno. The church dates back nearly 800 years, but much of the interior was ‘modernised’ in the eighteenth century, following a fire. The  Brancacci Chapel was one of the only parts to remain untouched. It had some amazing early fifteenth century frescoes showing scenes from the life of St Peter. Although St Peter lived in the first century AD, the characters are dressed in fifteenth century clothing. The seated dark haired man in the centre of the photograph really stood out for me. Who was he? Why’s he looking in the opposite direction to everyone else? It’s an amazing and powerful picture. 

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  1. John M says:

    Enjoying the pictures mate, great descriptions too. Glad you’re both having a lovely time. Keep ’em coming.

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