Breakout Daily Walk Day Six

After yesterday’s washout, today felt like a day for exploring. So Bruce and I went out for a long walk around Howsham Woods, about six miles from where we live. The broad footpath rises and falls through mixed woodland, and it’s a truly peaceful place to spend a couple of hours. And as far as Bruce is concerned, it’s doggy heaven: more trees than you shake a stick at!

Slow Walking

Over the past couple of years Bruce and I have come to an understanding about our walks. He likes to stop and sniff every other blade of grass, and I like to stop and photograph any sight that looks interesting. This makes our walks more of a saunter than a serious hike: we get the miles in, but it takes ages. But it suits us and I almost felt sorry for the few hikers we saw. Maps in hand they all seemed in such a hurry to be somewhere else.

Scots Pines
I always think Scots Pines are really dramatic trees.
Howsham Woods
The view looking out of the woods towards Howsham.

Doggy Heaven

I think this has been Bruce’s favourite walk of the week. What is is about dogs and trees? You should have seen the look on his face when we came across this pile of logs. They’re a bit big for chasing after, but a dog can dream!

This walk is Bruce’s favourite.
Dog Stick Heaven
Dog Stick Heaven

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