Picture of the Week 15/08/2018: Hole of Horcum

Bruce the Dog and I have been walking this afternoon in the North Yorkshire Moors Park. It was Bruce’s first long walk on open moorland. Apart from some giddiness at the sight of sheep, he made a great walking companion. Our walk took us round the Hole of Horcum, a large, and I mean very large, depression in the moorland. It’s about a six mile walk around, mostly along moorland tracks, looking down on the hole and the valley below. The moor tops are scattered with bronze and iron age burial sites, a sign of how heavily populated the moors would have been. The valleys were often too heavily wooded for habitation, and people lived on the more lightly wooded hilltops. 

This view is taken from the moorland, looking south. The heather in the foreground and the Yorkshire Wolds in the far distance give an idea of how diverse this beautiful landscape is.

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