Happy Accident

Some of the best things that happen to me are often unplanned. Last February, Liz and I were travelling to York to pick up a new car, and I just happened to have my camera with me. We were listening to the local radio station, which was reporting the return of the legendary steam engine, The Flying Scotsman, to the National Railway Museum in York, after a £4.2 million refit.

I don’t know why I’d taken my camera with me, but it just seemed too good a chance to miss. So, after picking up the new car, Liz dropped me off in York. I arrived at the museum just in time to watch The Flying Scotsman pull into the sidings. This week’s photo-essay is about that day.

There’s something thrilling about seeing one of the great steam engines close up. It just shows that it’s always a good idea to carry a camera around: you never know when you might bump into something interesting.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Jack last week. Quite a few people recognised him and the pub he drank in. That’s probably because there’s a Jack sat at every bar in almost every pub. That’s the great thing about pubs: if you sit around in them long enough, you meet all sorts of people.

Next week, it’s book review time, but I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Flying Scotsman, let me know what you think.

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