Happy 75th Anniversary

Wedding day 15th May 1948.
Wishing a happy wedding anniversary to my parents Walter Fernley and Winifred Bradley

It’s 75 years ago today since my parents Walter Fernley and Winifred Bradley, were married at the Independent Chapel (known locally as Top Chapel), Charlesworth, Derbyshire. We’ve only got a few grainy photographs of the happy couple and a few of their guests and,  because of post-war austerity, it was likely to have been a low-key event. Although there are only a few photographs, we’ve also got a small cardboard box in the family collection, containing a flower from mum’s bouquet. It’s far too delicate to handle and photograph, but the flower is still clinging on as a lovely memory of the day my parents got married. 

Happy anniversary, Mum and Dad.

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  1. Jane says:

    Hi what a good looking couple. Hope you both well

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