Goodbye 2016!

Now 2016 is nearly over and, as I guess many people do, I’ve been looking back over the past twelve months and looking forward to 2017. I always get nostalgic as new year’s eve approaches and this week’s short story looks back to the 1970’s, when I was a teenager.

I’ve tried to pay an affectionate homage to my teenage years in The Boy Who Nearly Kissed  Her.  It’s a sort of love story, set at a new year’s eve party:  not entirely autobiographical, but not entirely made up either. I remember that heady mix of hormones, excitement, angst and yearning to be feee from parental control that I felt then, and I hope I’ve been able to recreate that in the story.

Next week I’ll start the new year with another photo-essay called Pond Life. The essay is based on photographs of a local pond that I walk our dog around most days. It’s full of bird-life and I’ve become quite attached to some of the pond’s residents, so I’ll introduce them to you next week.

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy seeing the new year in, and I hope you join me in 2017.



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