Garden Gallery

We’re still locked down, and we’re planning to stay that way, whatever the new government guidance says. And with our travel options limited, we’re making use of what’s around us. This week’s post contains a garden gallery, photographed on a sunny May Day morning. The garden’s not in full bloom yet, but everything is greening up and starting to come alive.

I can’t take an credit for the garden, as all the ideas and hard work are Liz’s: I’m in the lowly position of lawn-mower. But we’re all – humans and animals – enjoying it. It’s a much more peaceful place to be, now that Bruce has (almost) given up his manic plant label chewing habit. We’re looking forward to the hot days when we can sit outside with a cool drink, but at the moment it’s more like late winter out there. Even so, the garden gives us a lovely view from the living room, and Bruce and Brindle enjoy playing out there.

With limited opportunities to get out of the home safely, I think the garden’s going to be an important place for us this year. I hope you like the photographs.

Old Friends

Although we haven’t had any visitors to the house for nearly eight weeks, we haven’t been totally isolated. An old friend that appeared in this blog a few years ago has been in touch. The picture might give you a clue who it is. Camel, our dimwitted would-be grave robbing friend has been ‘away’, but he’s now home and out of isolation. 

He’s promised to meet me soon (outdoors of course), and tell me about his adventures. I’ll let you know what he’s been up to innit!

Click here, for the 2016 short story, Camel

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  1. Brilliant photos! Love the cat and the camel! Greetings from London.

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