Dog Days

On Friday Bruce and I have our weekly trip to the local dog field. It’s a 2 acre secure field which you can hire by the hour. It means Bruce can have a blast round without the risk of him chasing after  wildlife or livestock. It’s also the chance for us to do some fun games. There’s a few pieces of equipment in the field. I can’t get him to run through the ‘scary’ plastic tunnel, but he enjoys going over the jumps.

Here’s some footage of Bruce going through his paces.  Except it doesn’t go exactly to plan. Bruce reckons there’s no neeed to go over the big jump to get to his treat if he can run round it. 

Outsmarted by the dog again. Have a good weekend everyone.


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  1. Jane Hutchinson says:

    That’s a clever dog that, why should he do the high one? I agree with Bruce what ever reason he gives Hope you both have a good weekend and Liz. Xxx

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