I like staying up late at night, sometimes very late. I was still awake at three thirty this morning, as dawn was breaking, so I decided Bruce and I might as well go for our long morning walk. There’s something incredibly peaceful about going for a walk when most other people are still in bed. It’s fun to have the whole world to yourself.

But there are still some people awake. This morning, apart from someone going off to work the early shift at the local Tesco’s, we walked past a house where someone was playing the piano. It was a detached house, so there were no neighbours to wake up, so why not? If playing the piano at four in the morning is your sort of thing, just do it.

Apart from that, the only other company we had was the birds. We saw plenty of pigeons, blackbirds and starlings, accompanied by a loud dawn chorus from trees and hedgerows. In the countryside dawn is probably the noisiest part of the day, and loudest amongst all the birds are the wrens. It always amazes me that one of the smallest birds has the loudest song.

It was cloudy, breezy and quite chilly: a typical English midsummer really. But the sun did put in a brief appearance, for my picture of the week.

The world was slowly waking up just as Bruce and I got back home. He loved the early morning. I think the scent trails must be stronger at that time of day, because Bruce spent the entire two hours, sniffing what seemed like every bush, post and blade of grass we walked past.

I’ll be tired for the rest of the day,, but it was worth it to have the whole of North Yorkshire to ourselves for a short while.

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  1. Jane Hutchinson says:

    I always wondered what dawn looked like.🙄

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