The only memory of a great night out!

The only memory of a great night out!

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoyed Robin Hood’s Bay. Maybe I ought to ask for a payment from the tourist board for the review!

It’s been a fun few days. I’m just back from a visit to my old mate John in Preston for a weekend of fun, beer and music. Friday night was planned to be a ‘documentary’ pub crawl. The idea (impromptu, I admit), was that we’d go round a few pubs, drink a beer or two and photograph the pub before moving on. It was fun. We had some great real ales, some rubbish keg beer, I was force fed Guinness, and we saw a man playing a hurdy gurdy. The problem was the documentary part. I photographed the first three pubs, then promptly forgot the rest. I can just about remember some appalling karaoke and then I can’t remember the last pub, the chips and gravy we ate, and the taxi home. One minute I was awake and drinking beer: the next I woke up fully clothed and hungover on the settee. Saturday was a nightmare hangover of epic proportions, but I fully recovered for Saturday night at The Ferret, and more beer. If you want some decent music and a good pin, you can do worse than The Ferret. The website’s here The Ferret: Homepage

So it was a great weekend. Sadly, what should have been an interesting, but slightly niche photo essay (Pub Crawl in Preston), has been reduced to the single photo of a glass of Worthington’s Bitter at the top of this post. It’s also the reason that I wasn’t really sure what the subject of this Friday’s book review would be, until I glimpsed at the book shelf on my way upstairs to write this post.

I’ve got a busy week or two helping out with my local Dog Rescue Charity – Ryedale Dog Rescue – so I think this week’s book will be dog themed. I’ll probably also throw in some cute pictures of Sally our rescue dog for good measure.






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  1. John M says:

    It was a crackin’ weekend mee ol’ mate, the chips at the end were great, shame you don’t remember. When are we doing another?… Maybe we should document one and turn it into a photo ess… oh, wait a minute…

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