Cold, Blow And A Haily Night

Hi there! Judging by your comments last week you enjoyed the article on Edward Fernley’s war experiences. I promise there will be more about him soon, plus some information about my other grandfather’s war service in the navy.

This week I was going to post an essay about my photo walk to Burythorpe, a little village a few miles from home.  I’d planned to do the walk earlier this week, but unfortunately winter decided to make a return visit for a few days.  We’ve had snow, hail and driving rain for most of the week. They’re probably not the best conditions for taking photographs of rolling countryside, and I didn’t think you’d want an essay full of depressing ‘tree in a blizzard’ photographs.

Instead, this Friday’s post will be of the French town of Avignon, which we visited last summer. I hope you like the photographs, and definitely no snow, I promise.

I mentioned last week that I was reading Mary Beard’s book about the Romans, SPQR. I’ve finished it now and really enjoyed it. I’m inspired to visit Rome now, although I don’t know whether that will be an option. Maybe I should have read an inspiring book on Scarborough: it would work out much cheaper. The closest I’ll probably get is a trip to the Roman fort that was sited about a mile from where we live. It’s not quite the Coliseum, but beggars can’t be choosers. Anyway, I’ll post a review of SPQR next week.

Take care until Friday, when we’ll take a trip to the sunny south of France.



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