Breakout Daily Walk Day Five

Even the ducks can't be bothered today.

Considering it’s July, it’s been a grey and sullen day, with steady rain for a few hours. Not exactly breakout weather. I was tired and Bruce was rooted to one of our armchairs. Bruce hates the rain and on really wet days, it’s a major victory to get him out of the house for a quick pee. So the real challenge today was summoning enough collective enthusiasm to pick somewhere we haven’t been for a while.

I did consider cheating and using some photographs from an earlier walk and passing it off as today’s trip, but in the end my conscience won over my general idleness. So, today’s walk was one Bruce and I used to do nearly everyday, but haven’t been on for a while. We decided on a trip to the local pond.

The Pond

Originally built to serve a watermill, the pond is now a local amenity and is popular as a dog walking/duck feeding/late night snogging spot. Not, I have to say, that I’ve ever done any snogging there. In today’s grey sky and dull light, it didn’t look it’s best, but on early spring and summer mornings it’s looks great.

The Pond

Bruce the Hunter

Bruce’s main interest in the pond is the ducks. Actually, it’s not the ducks themselves that are the main attraction: it’s the stale bread that gets thrown out for them. Unlike the ducks, which take to the water out of harm’s way when Bruce approaches them, the bread just foolishly hangs around on the banks. It appears Warburtons thick sliced doesn’t have strong survival instincts, which makes it easy prey for the alert and intelligent lurcher. Normally I don’t let Bruce eat the bread, but sometimes he fools me into a false sense of security by seeming to ignore it. Then he suddenly makes a dart at the odd crust that strays into his path.

It says a lot for who has the brains in this partnership!

Bruce looking alert and intelligent. Just goes to show appearances can be deceptive.

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  1. Steve Trimmins says:

    Bruce looks so focused. Yet you know that in that doggy brain the thought “Mmmm. Bread” is all that’s going on.

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