Breakout Daily Walk Day Two

In keeping with the river theme, today’s walk was another one along the banks of the River Derwent. We walked from the small hamlet of Menethorpe along the river to a place called Cherry Island. It’s a beautiful walk, surrounded by rolling hills and woods, and I’m not sure why we don’t walk there more often. It’s peaceful too and we didn’t see a soul all the time we were out.

Cherry Island

At the halfway point of our walk, the River Derwent is split by the long, narrow Cherry Island. Sadly, you don’t see it’s best side from this walk. To do that you need to walk through a field of cows, and I’m not sure that Bruce’s self restraint is good enough yet. But the picture gives you some idea of what it’s like. The Island is not permanently inhabited, but it has a large hut, gardens and a landing stage. It’s a perfect hideaway, and I must admit I feel a tinge of envy every time I walk past it.

Cherry Island
Cherry Island site in the River Derwent. Complete with a landing stage, gardens and a large hut, it makes a perfect Island retreat

Bruce gets his drink

I think it’s the sheepdog in his DNA that gives Bruce his stubborn streak. Despite the steep river banks along the walk, Bruce was determined to get to the water for a drink. After several attempts to scale down the bank side, Bruce finally found a place where he could reach the water. Just.

Getting down was fine, but Bruce hadn’t given a thought to getting back up again. As his grip loosened on the almost vertical bank, I had to haul him up by his lead. That was very nearly his first swimming lesson.

Bruce drinking
As stubborn as ever, Bruce insisted on scaling down the river bank for a drink. He couldn’t get back up, so I had to haul him up by his lead.

That was day two of our breakout from our usual walks. I wonder where we’ll end up tomorrow?

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