Breakout Daily Walk Day One

The River Derwent at Old Malton

Bruce the Dog and I are so BORED with Covid-19. First out of necessity and then habit, we’ve been going on the same walks for months. They’re nice walks, but have become the exercise equivalent of having cornflakes for breakfast every morning, (I hate the soggy little yellow buggers). So, we decided to change our habits and breakout somewhere different each day this week.

I say we, but to be more precise I decided on the change. Bruce just gets in the car and goes wherever I drive him. This week, we’re going to go on a different walk every day. It has to be either somewhere new, or somewhere we’ve not been for a while. And to make sure that bone idleness doesn’t break out amongst the ranks, I’m going to publish a picture each day this week to show where we’ve been.

Down by the River

Today, we went for a stroll along the banks of the River Derwent at Old Malton. Normally it’s a secluded stretch of the river, but today it was busy. Actually, when I say busy, we saw six other people and four dogs, so it’s hardly your Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve type of busy. You get used to this kind of overcrowding in rural North Yorkshire.

The Derwent at Old Malton
The River Derwent at Old Malton

Scents, poo and river water…

Bruce seemed to enjoy the walk. There are lots of different scents to sniff, highland cattle to bark at, and he even had a sneaky attempt to roll in some fox poo. If he ever manages it, I’ll show you the post-incident bath photographs. They should be a blast. Considering he won’t even step in a puddle, Bruce like to try and drink from the river when he gets the chance. The river banks are very steep at Old Malton, so he’s got no chance of reaching the water, but it doesn’t stop him from trying. Let’s hope he never manages it because when we walk, his long lead is fastened round my waist: we’d both end up in the water and I can’t ever see Bruce towing us to safety.

Bruce in smiley face mode
Bruce with his smiley face on.

I must admit it was good to go somewhere a little different, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s outing already. I don’t know where we’ll be going yet, I’ll probably wait until we’re in the car before I decide: the unpredictability is half the fun after so much routine.

But wherever we go, I tell you about it tomorrow when we get back.

3 Responses

  1. Jane Hutchinson says:

    Brings back memories of that walk. Have you done today’s walk yet? I’m waiting, where will it be.

  2. Steve Trimmins says:

    Ah, the sneaky fox poo roll manoeuvre. Mine used to be fixated with a dead hedgehog, flattened by a car. It always got his attention if I wasn’t awake. All was well until, a few weeks later, he decided that the thing was at last ripe enough to eat. he made a quick grab and then trotted along happily with what looked very much like a large, rather grizzly pizza in his mouth! Happy days…

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk and photios.Dave.

    • Dave Fernley says:

      Our previous dog was fond of road kill. I used to try and wrestle it off her, until the vet said not to bother. Her digestion was well able to cope with it, but it was always best to sit upwind of her.

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