Breakout Daily Walk Day Four

For day four of our breakout challenge, Bruce and I walked along a stretch of the Wolds Way long distance footpath. The walk began at Toisland Wold, about eight miles from home. This was a completely new walk for us, and a real find.

Yorkshire’s Best Kept Secret

The Yorkshire Wolds don’t get as many visitors as the Moors and Dales. This makes them the perfect location for anti-social types like me. What bliss! A world free from camera toting, late middle-aged walkers with unruly dogs. At least that’s what most people wish for when they see Bruce and I walking towards them. The countryside is majestic though: the arable fields of the rolling high wolds are split by steep sided valleys grazed by sheep and cattle. If you like dramatic ‘big’ skies, this is the place for you.

Yorkshire's best kept secret.
The Yorkshire Wolds are a well kept secret. Less popular than the Dales and Moors, they’re just as beautiful in their own way.

Social Media for Dogs

There is plenty of wildlife in the area. I spotted a hare in the distance and there were two buzzards circling around high above the crest of Toisland Wold. Closer to the wooded areas, you often spot deer too. Technically, being a lurcher, Bruce is a sighthound, and should spot these things. But he spends so much time sniffing out scents and he often misses wildlife passing close to us. Judging by his activity on canine social media, there must be plenty of action in the area. he stopped for so many ‘pee mails’, that I’m amazed he wasn’t dehydrated.

Bruce on Social Media
Pee Mail: the original canine social media.

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  1. Steve Trimmins says:

    That really made me laugh – thank you Dave! Pee-mail? Genius.

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