About This Blog

Spanning the years with words and pictures. I’m a writer and photographer living in North Yorkshire, England. I write about family and community history, the world around me and how literature and the arts bring the story of the past to life.

This blog is for anyone who’s interested in the past and present, and enjoys stories made with words and pictures. I’ll keep you updated on progress with my projects, and publish articles on history, literature and the world around me

I’d also like this blog to be a place where people get involved and contribute their own views about history and writing. If you want to get involved you can comment on individual posts, follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter, or contact me by email.

In my spare time

As well as writing,  I play the melodeon (a bit like an accordion, but with buttons instead of keys), tinker with my model railway, fish, walk, and take photographs. I also love studying and have a BA in history and English and an MA in English literature.

I live with my lovely wife, a dog, a cat and a horse. (Except of course the horse lives outdoors.)

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