Picture of the Week 27/07/18: Sunflowers

We’ve got sunflowers in our front garden and they’ve just come into full bloom in the last few days. The bees love them and, as I’m a sucker for close-up  pictures of insects on flowers, they’re the subject of this week’s picture. Because of the position of the flower, I had to photograph it side on. I pressed the shutter just as one of the bees took off from the flower. Despite a shutter speed of 1000 of a second, the flying bee’s wings are still blurred. I’m going to experiment later to see how fast a shutter speed I need to freeze one in mid-flight.

2 Replies to “Picture of the Week 27/07/18: Sunflowers”

  1. Good idea to try that for curiosity sake. Although the blurred wings do show it’s moving.
    Tamsin and I are out to get the “orange moon” tonight.

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