Summer Days and Nights

It’s been a very outdoors sort of week. It’s just about summer in North Yorkshire and I’ve been making the most of the light nights and sunny weather. Last weekend the charity I volunteer for, Ryedale Dog Rescue, held their annual fun dog show at Scampston Park near Malton. The night before the show I volunteered to look after the site, and Sally and I settled down to a night’s camping.

It was a wonderful night: warm, moonlit and clear and we stayed up late enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s ages since I’ve camped out and we’ll be doing it again soon.

Most of the photographs on this week’s post are from the night and morning before the show. I’ve also added a couple from a walk with Sally in the fields above Menethorpe, and the first guest picture on this blog.

Our friend Jane has just returned from a holiday in Scotland, so I’ve included a picture she took from the highlands. It really caught my imagination, particularly the way the light shone on the hills.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, let me know what you think.




A first for the blog: a guest photograph. This was taken by our friend Jane in Scotland. Harry Potter fans might notice the viaduct. I love the way the light falls on the hills.


This biplane flew over the showground at Scampston while we were getting ready for the Ryedale Dog Rescue show. It was a lucky shot as I wasn’t really prepared for it.


This flock of geese landed near my tent on the morning of the show. Luckily the dog didn’t spot them and I was able to get quite close for this photograph.


There was a beautiful bright full moon the night before the show. This photograph doesn’t really do it justice. It was bright enough to read by.

Scampston Church

The church in the tiny village of Scampston, just as the sun was setting.


Here’s our camp at the show ground the night before the show. Sally’s doing a sterling job of keeping us both safe.


This bee was busy collecting pollen in the sunlight at Menethorpe. There are loads of bees this year, and it’s lovely to see them thriving.


Sally relaxing in the sunshine at Menethorpe.


3 Replies to “Summer Days and Nights”

  1. I’ll see what I can do… sunrise… sunset… I’m usually about for both, grafter that I am. 🙂

    Crackin’ picture Jane, much better than Dave’s rubbish!

  2. Hi Dave loved your pictures especially the camp one with the sun. It was great to see one of my own pictures on your site, thank you. Perhaps John could do a sunset from the rig for us to enjoy!

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