David Fernley

David Fernley

About this blog

This blog is for anyone who loves stories made with words and pictures. Whether you create stories yourself, or like to read other people’s, I hope you find something here that interests you.

In this blog I’ll publish my own stories. discuss other people’s work and write about the creative process behind storytelling. It would be great if you’d join in,  so please feel free to comment about anything you see here.

Why this blog?

My interest in stories goes way back. Some of my very first memories are of my parents reading stories aloud to me and, ever since I could hold a pen, I’ve written them for myself. More recently I’ve taken an interest in photography too, and the ability that pictures have to tell powerful stories.

Deep down I always wanted to be a full-time writer but, as with many other people, life got in the way. But I struck lucky: early retirement has given me the opportunity to spend more time doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

For me, part of the excitement of making stories is in seeing them published, which is why I’ve created this blog. I’ve so much to learn, and I hope this blog will help me become a better writer and photographer.

About me

I am an ex- civil servant, living in North Yorkshire, England. I trained as a teacher and spent most of my career as a learning and development manager, specialising in vocational training for adults.

As well as writing and photography, I play the melodeon (a bit like an accordion, but with buttons instead of keys), tinker with my model railway, jog, cycle and swim.  I also love studying English literature and history and have a BA in history and English and an MA in English literature.

When not being a serial hobbyist, I’m very fond of real ale and single malt whisky. I live with my lovely wife, two of my grown up children, a dog, cat and a horse. (Except of course the horse lives outdoors.)