Italy, day six: 13/06/17

Today was given over to the Uffizzi gallery. It’s two floors contain almost 100 rooms filled with paintings, mostly from the Italian renaissance. It gets really busy, so I’m glad we booked in advance and got there early. 

Rather than try and see everything, we deliberately chose to focus on about 20 classic paintings. I guess that’s what most people did, but it’s better to do that, rather than try and see everything. 

Today’s photograph is from the ultimate rennaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci.  Here’s his Annunciation. I’m not a religious man, but there’s certainly something awe inspiring about this painting. 

2 thoughts on “Italy, day six: 13/06/17

  1. Dave Fernley Post author

    He was wagging off school when they did the shed painting lesson. He’s a complete lightweight.

  2. John M

    That painting is rubbish. I mush prefer Bob Ross, he paints better pine trees and mountains… and sheds. Leonardo isn’t any good at sheds.


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